France is a country where beautiful regions predominate. 
During a holiday you can walk or cycle for hours along rolling hills and endless vineyards. 
One of the most impressive regions in France is the Aveyron. 
This place in the Midi-Pyrénées region is characterized by a beautiful landscape and a wealth of culture. 
The Aveyron region is a jewel in France. It is ideal for a beautiful walk along the Route des Seigneurs du Rouergue. During the walking tour you will discover twenty-three special castles in the Aveyron. It is therefore a journey back in time. The castles, called 'chateau's' in French, are often still in good condition. In total there are more than a hundred castles in the Aveyron.
In the Middle Ages, this region, then called Rouergue, flourished considerably. 
For example, one of the beautiful medieval castles along the route is Château de Belcastel. This 9th century monument towers over the green landscape of the Aveyron. 

Red landscape: 

Very special about the landscape of the Aveyron is that the color red keeps coming back. This is due to the fact that the earth is often colored red. This phenomenon occurs in particular in the southern Rougier de Camarès. 
The inhabitants of Aveyron also often incorporate the color red into the architectural style of their houses. This color gives the Aveyron a special face, and makes a holiday in this French region unique.

Musicality in the Abbey of Sylvanes: 

The large number of monasteries and abbeys make Aveyron a special place. An impressive abbey, for example, is Sylvanes. This religious building dates back to the 12th century and is entirely built in Romanesque style. Inside the abbey you can admire, among other things, beautiful arches, vaults and chapels. In summer, Sylvanes is the scene of all kinds of cultural activities. For example, you can visit the 'Festival de Musique Sacré'. During this musical festival, French artists perform beautiful songs. 

Sports activities in the Aveyron:

The Aveyron is also an excellent destination for sports enthusiasts. Because of its location near the river Ayveron, you can undertake all kinds of sporting activities. In the summer months, for example, it is wonderful to go canoeing or rafting on the river. Or opt instead for a wonderful cycling, walking or horseback ride.







Pont de Cayla

Bastide L'Evëque (1280)